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As the harbinger of a new era in Pop romanticism, London-born, LA-based artist RAIGN, bends boundaries to create darkly-dreamy music that’s near-sublime in its transformative power. According to Clash Magazine, she uses digital pop music as a means to express magic, while her fascination with the spectacular seeps into every note of her music. RAIGN’s lavishly textured take on alt-pop centers on her heart-stopping vocals and soaring cinematic scope.

Following the release of her career-defining 2018 LP SIGN and her US top 100 EP Knocking On Heaven's Door, award-winning RAIGN is back with her new single “Causing Love,” an epic slice of expressive alt-pop. 

Transporting the listener to a fantastical realm of enduring love, the London-born artist’s honeyed vocals soar across the track’s glittering soundscape, accompanied by crashing drum patterns and electrifying guitar rhythms. Co-written with multi-platinum German producer David Jürgens and produced with long-time collaborator Robbie Lamond (Ellie Goulding / Lana Del Rey), “Causing Love” is further proof of RAIGN’s ability to expertly sculpt her sound and deliver breath-taking results. 

On the motivation behind Causing Love, RAIGN states; "‘Causing Love’ was first penned on a writing trip in Berlin. I had always wanted to go to Germany because my father was born there. At the time I was exploring the romantic side of my sound. Around that time, I realized that my responsibility as an artist was to inspire more love in the world. I was inspired by the gritty yet romantic vibe in Berlin's uber-creative East-side. From that melting pot of travel and exploration and dream-state thoughts, ‘Causing Love’ was born.”

Achieving over 100 million streams across all platforms, RAIGN has charted multiple times in various territories. Seamlessly marrying the ornate grandeur of classical music and the electronic elements of EDM in a uniquely affecting manner, RAIGN is set to release a 21-track album, SIGN From Above; a re-release of her debut full-length album SIGN, that established her at the forefront of boundary-pushing pop. Out late October, SIGN From Above will include all the “breath-taking” tracks from its predecessor, including the “epic synth Pop-ballad” Who Are You which premiered on New Music Friday USA and Now I Can Fly, which recently graced the official trailer of Netflix movie Tall Girl, as well as a much-anticipated line up of four stunning orchestral sessions and three brand new singles. 

Building an enviable reputation for herself within the industry, RAIGN’s music has featured on soundtracks for The Vampire Diaries, America’s Got Talent, and The 100, with her single “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” collecting an Entertainment Weekly Award for ‘Best Use Of Music In A TV Finale (The 100). RAIGN is also a multi-platinum songwriter, having penned tracks for the likes of Rita Ora, Ty Dollar Sign, Tulisa, David Guetta, and Jesse McCartney

Surpassing expectations and celebrating individuality, with “Causing Love” RAIGN transcends and inspires - establishing herself as a front-runner in the next wave of boundary-pushing pop.


















Raign - sign (LP)

released September 2018

Label: Millionaire London Records

RAIGN - SIGN from above (double LP)

Released October 2020

label: Millionaire London Records



Label: Millionaire London Records

RAIGN - Born again (EP)

released Jan 2018

Label: Millionaire London Records

RAIGN - Knocking On heaven's Door (EP)

Released 2015

Label: Millionaire London Records















walls (single)

released 2019

Label: Millionaire London Records

A Queens Head

released 2017

Label: Millionaire London Records

Now I Can Fly (Single)

Released 2019

Label: Millionaire London Recrods

Hero (Ft Supergirl)

Released 2018

Label: Millionaire London Records

Believe With Me (Single)

Released 2017

Label: Millionaire London Records

RAIGN vs J'khai - Strong enough

released 2016

Label: Millionaire London Records












album review - rough online

There are so many positive words that have come to mind when listening to RAIGN’s stunning debut album. Having given a rave review on her summer anthem “Out of Time,” ROUGH ONLINE could not wait to get their hands on a copy of her new L.P “Sign” and there are absolutely no regrets. Opening with an orchestral performance which throws you back to the musical score of Lord Of The Rings, as well as the 21st-century spin on Bonnie Tyler’s energetic 80’s Pop-Rock sound “Out Of Time,” you just know from the beginning that this album is going to be one hell of an emotional journey. “Who Are You,” an epic Synth Pop ballad, unleashes the “Sia” inside the London-born music artist, with a deep tone and superb lifts at the end of each “anybody” in the chorus where she questions “does anybody know your name” on top of tribal drums that are hit on each beat with such strong impact that within seconds you are reminded of the music production to Rihanna’s empowering 2016 single “Sledgehammer,” and the tear-jerking string arrangement throws you back to William Orbit’s emotive, Alternative sound on Madonna’s 1998 hit single “Frozen.”

RAIGN’s beautifully crafted debut album continues with “God Only Knows,” which vocally explores the L.A-based singer’s Enya-esque, Gaelic-influenced, musical side, while she sends you into a trance with her masterful yodels which are sung so powerfully it is as though she is singing to the highlands of Scotland, and Rough Online love her so much for sending us into a spiritual frenzy with her masterfully performed vocals, that we have decided are the best we have heard all year when comparing this goddess with every other vocalist on the UK Pop scene currently. “Into Heaven Alone” does not shy away from wanting you to feel as though you are listening to 2018’s best Alt-Pop musician at a stadium as opposed to in your living room, with the perfect use of breathy reverb, whilst “Inside Of Me” is two words…breath taking. Rough Online have cried repeatedly whilst having the best song she has released to date on as loud as possible, so just sit back and let her emotionally charged vocal performance on “Inside Of Me” which makes you feel so profoundly sad that feeling choked is bound to happen and delivers a masterful vibrato, reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor’s distinctive voice, take over you. It is definitely Rough’s favorite track from Raign’s debut, concluding it to be the main highlight from “SIGN.” 

But let us get to the album’s title track, which relies on military drums to build-up to one of the strongest choruses RAIGN has delivered out of her whole catalog of art, featuring the highest the singer reaches within her vocal register…and yes…the multi-talented songwriter for sure has some strong pipes on her. “Calling” throws you straight into “Dido meets Lana Del Rey” mode via the use of an acoustic rhythm guitar and Chillout percussion, while the arpeggiated piano in the second verse unpredictably reminds you of the haunting, gothic sound of Evanescence’s 2003 album “Fallen.” And of course “Calling” wouldn’t be the same without a choir of voices performed in the chorus section, reminiscent of one of the UK’s finest music artists Florence and the Machine. “Hold On To The Sky” introduces a strange synth, which makes you feel as though you have just stepped onto a U.F.O before quite quickly showcasing RAIGN as thee “opera singer” over a 90’s music production, throwing you back to the “Fumbling Toward Ecstasy” era of Sarah McLachlan’s early career, while “Find My Own Way” is Sign’s twisted, experimental moment on the album. 

RAIGN’s highly-anticipated record ends with “Sunrise” which with its dark, bass synth playing a minor chord progression and a sinister vocal performance that delves into the “phoenix rising” meets the Devil, produces one of the most empowering moments on the album, while “Evergreen” unexpectedly moves into a slightly more mid-tempo Dance music direction, with its’ 4 by 4 beat and electro claps, building up to the chorus nicely and when that main hook drops you are instantly thrown back to the power of Sia’s 2015 single “Alive” and reminded of the powerhouse voice of Chantal Kreviazuk. All that’s left to say is…where are the deserved awards for RAIGN’s superb, long-awaited debut L.P? Underrated isn’t even the word in this instance, and we advise everyone to download and stream “Sign” now.


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