As the harbinger of a new era in Pop romanticism, London-born, LA based artist RAIGN, bends boundaries to create a darkly-dreamy music that’s near-sublime in its transformative power. RAIGN’s lavishly textured take on alt-pop centers on her “heart stopping vocals”  and “soaring cinematic scope.” Fans of Florence & the Machine, Imagine Dragons and Hosier will love the “baroque elegance” in her ornate soundscape.

Achieving over 100 million streams across all platforms (Spotify / Apple / Youtube) and charting multiple times in various territories, RAIGN has grown a loyal fanbase and with two US top 100 EPs in the bag (Knocking On Heavens Door  & When It’s All Over) is set to release her long awaited, debut LP entitled SIGN. Collaborating in Los Angeles with her production partners including Robbie Lamond (Ellie Goulding/Lana Del Rey), Mysto & Pizzi (Kelly Rowland), Michael Mani (Becki G/Back Street Boys) and French House DJ Fred Falke (Fleurie/Daft Punk/Ellie Goulding), SIGN centers around RAIGN’s signature, battlecry sound complete with lush, live strings, Taiko drums and emotive vocals, which has graced many a soundtrack (The Vampire Diaries, The 100, AMC’s Humans, America’s Got Talent, Pretty Little Liars), but also features her uplifting, Alt-Pop leaning singles Out Of Time and Who Are You, which artfully blend her orchestral elements with organs, electric guitars and driving, organic drums.

On the motivation behind SIGN, RAIGN states “I’ve been working on this album for a while, some of these songs started their journey back when the first EP was coming out and now I feel it’s finally time to share them. I wanted to make something classic, an album that has singles but also takes you on a journey and could be listened to all the way through, like the albums I cherished so dearly as a teenager. I wanted to bring that album magic back."